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Original Concept Character
Adam Collins artwork
Adam Collins
Name Adam Collins
General Information
Timeline 2009 Chicago Earthquake
Group "Chicago's Survivors"
Media I Am Alive

Adam Collins was the protagonist of Darkworks's I Am Alive.


Early LifeEdit

Adam Collins was born in 1982. In 2009, Adam is 27 years old and working a white collar job at an office with at least one other associate in Chicago.[1]

Earthquake of 2009Edit

Prior to the 10.3 earthquake, Collins had bought himself a coffee. He received a call from his girlfriend, Alice, is which abruptly cut off in a burst of static. His co-worker passes him by and tells him he'll meet him back "upstairs" where they work. Moments later, the city is rocked by an earthquake that levels the entire environment.[1]

Afterward, Adam he finds himself trapped in a ruined Chicago, searching for Alice and a way out of the city. The city's citizens turn against each other for dwindling resources. Adam is hunted down by his co-workers, who want the water he has. Adam tosses the water bottle on the glass surface below them. Unaware that the presumed ground was made of glass, the men dive for the bottle and fall through the glass to the ground below, which results in their presumed deaths. He proceeds outside and surveys the destruction before heading out to find Alice.[1]