I am alive Cannibals 02

Two old cannibals offer the Protagonist food.

Cannibals are a type of survivor in I Am Alive. In the aftermath of The Event, survivors began to turn on and kill one another to compensate for the shortage of food. These Cannibals were considered inhumane and began to seek refuge in places like Line 4.


Located in the subway system down in Line 4, cannibals encountered by the Protagonist are largely non-violent. At least two of them will offer the player a slab of meat they recently cooked as a show of concern for Mei. Others located in the area are idle, rambling to themselves or commenting on the smell of meat as it cooks. On the far left end of the tunnel is a room, inside are two hostile cannibals and trapped survivors.

Prior to entering the room they can be heard trying to reason their actions to their captives[1]; despite killing them and rescuing the survivors, none of the other cannibals within range will attack the Protagonist.

Above ground, the Protagonist will occasionally find meat throughout Haventon, implying that some hostile survivors encountered in the game are possibly cannibals.




  1. Cannibal: "Death is our only way now." - Chapter 8: Line 4