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Blue Hotel
Iaa screen 1
Game: I Am Alive
Place: Blue Hotel
Previous Chapter: Chapter 14: Strangers
Next Chapter: Chapter 16: Line 2

Blue Hotel is the fifteenth chapter in I Am Alive. In this chapter, the player is introduced with six enemy Gangs and must save Linda, Mei's mother.


Upon entering the Blue Hotel, the protagonist must travel through four floors of multiple Gangs torturing Victims. Traveling up after giving a victim a First Aid Kit, a gang of 4 enemies will await. After defeating them, the protagonist travels through more hallways, killing groups of enemies. Upon going up two flights of stairs, the protagonist must face his hardest challenge yet: a six enemy gang. Upon defeating him and rescuing a victim about to be raped, the protagonist meets with Linda and they go back the way the protagonist came.


Once inside the hotel, go forward and take a right. That should lead you into a room with three survivors and a First Aid Kit. Deal with the three men and take the first aid. Once that is completed, go up the large staircase to the second floor. Once there, scavenge through all the hallways for supplies.

After that, go to a room with a pole dancer being forced to entertain some survivors. Eliminate the survivors and take the Water bottle they have, along with any Pistol ammo. Then, go to the flight of stairs at the far end of the room that will take you straight up to the top of the building, level 4.

Once up there, go down the hall and take a left to grab a Retry, as the next fight is extremely difficult. After taking the retry, proceed down the hall you passed to get to the Retry. You will be met by four Machete wielding goons, and two Pistol wielding survivors that will run after you in the fight if you make too much noise. After dispatching them, take the two Fruit cocktail they have stashed and talk to Linda. Then, follow Linda's orders to get you back to Henry's Apartment.


Not all Victims and Items locations confirmed.