I am alive new launch screenshot 016
Game: I Am Alive
Place: Haventon
Previous Chapter: Chapter 1: Return
Next Chapter: Chapter 3: Shelter

Home Sweet Home (or Home) is the second chapter[1] in I Am Alive. It features the player's introduction to Mei, a lost girl the Protagonist mistakes for his daughter.


After experiencing a shock wave from an earthquake, the Protagonist ventures outside his home and is greeted to the sound of a crying child. Believing the lost little girl to be his daughter, Mary, he peruses her when she takes flight. Following her into an ally, he encounters several gang members trying to reach her from behind the fence she crawled under. He quickly dispatches them and coaxes her out of hiding.


After the protagonist finishes his audio log, the apartment will be rocked by an aftershock before the cinematic ends. Go to the sound of the crying. This will be the first encounter with Mei. Once she starts running, search around the park as it has useful items.

Then chase after her. climb over the debris and over the gates until you come across three survivors not to happy about her getting away. Use a surprise attack to take out the leader and finish the last two with either your pistol or machete and talk to Mei.


Not all Victims and Items locations confirmed.