The mall 02 interior
Game: I Am Alive
Place: Westgate Shopping Mall
Previous Chapter: Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home
Next Chapter: Chapter 4: Dust

Shelter is the third chapter in I Am Alive. It features new consumables and major story progression.[1][2]


Upon befriending Mei, the Protagonist overhears a man named Henry on Mei's two way radio. After assuring Henry that he means no harm to Mei and doesn't know what happened to her mother, Linda, Henry guides the two survivors to the mall where they'll be safe from the dust storm rolling into the city. Mei leads him to the "good spots" up on the fourth floor of the mall, a safe place for he and Mei to rest. However, when he realizes Mei is burning up with a fever, he contacts Henry for help. Henry suggests that he search the higher up places in the city for medicine to help bring down Mei's fever. Climbing up to the higher point of the mall the Protagonist uses binoculars to locate an airdrop crate on a Skyscraper. Hopeful that it contains supplies needed to help Mei, the Protagonist returns to the fourth level of the mall and proceeds back down to the first.


After talking to Henry, you will be told to go to the mall as a dust storm is coming. It is just down the street, but try and stay on the sidewalks as many different resources can be found. It is also the best time to do this as the dust does not hurt you yet.

Once inside the mall, go to the elevator shaft and start climbing. Once out, go forward a bit and grab the water bottle that is behind a cart of some sort. Then, go further until you are on the other side of the mall. Start climbing, and you will hear coughing. Go down and use a bullet you acquired to shoot the padlock off the door next to him and get the supplies that wait there. Then, go up two stories and open a grate that will start the next chapter after procceeding inside.

The player first starts out on the fourth floor of the mall with Mei. Before leaving, pick up all the supplies that are there and then leave. Go to the elevator shaft (if you haven't helped the survivor needing the inhaler, do it now). Climb the elevator shaft up to the top levels of the mall.

Up there, go to the right and pick up the soda can and the water bottle that conveniently wanton some wreckage. Then, go over to the wall and start shimmying to the far end of the building. Then, go into the area that will provide the exit.


Name Count
Food Cans 1
Fruit cocktail 1
Inhaler 1
Painkillers 4
Piton 2
Retry 2
Victims 2


Not all Victims and Items locations confirmed.