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IAA chapter 5
Game: I Am Alive
Place: Skyscraper
Previous Chapter: Chapter 4: Dust
Next Chapter: Chapter 6: Mei, Part 1

Skyscraper is the fifth chapter[1] in I Am Alive. The player travel must travel through the ruins of a half-completed skyscraper to reach the medicine needed to help Mei.


Traveling through the skyscraper's skeleton, the protagonist must climb to the height of the damaged building to reach the lift that will take him safely to the next level. He will encounter more hostile survivors and at least one man in need of help (trapped underneath debris from the building). Once he secures the medicine for Mei, on his way down, Haventon will experience yet another earthquake. Once safely on the ground, the Protagonist must make his way through the dust back to the mall.


Upon entering the Skyscraper, climb the wall to your left and use the top most pipe to shimmy to the right, onto the platform needed to be reached. Go forward and take a right. You should be greeted by a large gap with small pillars to your left and an incline to your right. Go down the incline but do not follow the onscreen instruction, but instead fall down into the pit. Once down, turn left twice to acquire a Water bottle. Climb back up on an exposed inside of a pillar and go back down the incline again, but following the instructions on-screen.


Not all Victims and Items locations confirmed.