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Mei, Part 1
Game: I A Alive
Previous Chapter: Chapter 5: Skyscraper
Next Chapter: Chapter 7: Mei, Part 2

Chapter 6: Mei, Part 1 is the sixth chapter in I A Alive. The player travels through the area introduced in Chapter 4: Dust, just reversed.


After you leave the half-completed skyscraper, slide down the pipes used to reach the area in Chapter 4 and run to the Northwest quickly so the dust does not cause too much harm to your Stamina. After that, quickly climb up the silver pipe on the support to the railroad above. After that, walk over to the far side of the railroad, toward The Mall. Use your Grappling Hook to get over to the other side of the rubble.

Once on the side, climb up to a large pipe and use it to get to the cliff above. there will be a gang of three to face. Kill the one with a Pistol and the other two will surrender. Strike them and then take the soda can behind a storage tent.

After that, walk to the left and climb up a small cliff. A gang of four, two pistols, two machetes will await. Kill the two with the pistols with a stealth kill and and then a gunshot, then deal with the other two. Upon their deaths, collect anything they have dropped and walk behind the area they hid and grab the painkillers. Upon completing that, go forward and enter The Mall.