"Consumables" are a select group of items found by the Protagonist in I Am Alive.


Consumables allow the player to restore health and stamina of the Protagonist. The mount of health and stamina restored is largely dependent on the type of consumable used. Items such as cigarettes or meat (human flesh) found throughout Haventon[1] lowers your final score and marks you as a cannibal as a penalty.


Initially, Victims who wanted wine show up twice[how?], resulting in an extra 2% score. However, this glitch was patched in an update.[citation needed]

List of ConsumablesEdit

Item Availability Stamina Stamina Cap Health Quest
Food Cans Slightly Rare ++ ++
Painkillers Abundant + Yes
First Aid Kit Rare +++ Yes
Inhaler Very Rare +++ Yes
Adrenaline Syringe Rare +++
Water bottles Moderate + +
Rat Meat Slightly Rare ++ +
Fruit Cocktail Abundant ++ ++ Yes
Rehydration Salts 4 + Yes
Soda Can Very Abundant + Yes
Meat* 2 +++ +++ +++ Yes
Wine 3 + - ++ Yes**
Cigarettes 2 - - - - Yes
Tomato 4 + ++ Yes


  1. Offered by the survivors in the subway