Concept art of the Protagonist and Gangs.

Gangs are a type of survivor featured in I Am Alive. Located throughout all of Haventon, gangs are largely hostile, preying on fellow victims of the Event and use them to lure in unsuspecting survivors. Without question, they will either attack the Protagonist on sight, or bully him at first.


Gangs usually travel in groups of three or six, but there can be more; they tend to occupy fortified buildings or sections of a particular part of Haventon nearest to the apartments or houses. Gangs found in the subway tunnels will often hide amongst or near cannibals (implying that they are cannibals themselves).

In some instances they will ambush survivors (and in this case, the Protagonist) by literally "playing dead" by lying among abandoned corpses. They are not above using their fellow man against those with supplies.



They wear ragged, heavy jackets and gloves to protect their bodies from the environment. Gang leaders are often wielding guns and appear tougher in looks; leaders will always attempt to intimidate the Protagonist with snide remarks. Further on in the game, opponents wearing heavy body armor and helmets to protect their bodies will appear and almost always serve as the gang's backup. Nearer to the end of the game, the player will encounter gangs on the street using gas masks to protect themselves from the dust.


A majority of the gangs use machetes, but some will have pistols. The leaders and one other member almost always use a pistol against the player if provoked into combat. On occasion they will shoot the Protagonist if he draws his weapon, but these men will usually approach him, giving the player the opportunity to use a surprise kill move. Gang members wearing body armor will use machetes only.


  • The largest groups are encountered on The Pier. The Pier is also one of the only location where a gang member will have full Body armor and a helmet.
  • One of the largest gangs which inhabits the beached ship is known as 'The Militia'.