I Am Alive Location
Haventon in the wake of the Event
Name Haventon
Location Somewhere on the United States' west coast
General Information
Status Destroyed, Occupied
No. Group(s) Encountered Gangs, Survivors, Victims
No. of Victims Multiple
Item(s) Found Multiple
No. Retrys Multiple
Media I Am Alive

Haventon is a fictional coastal city featured in I Am Alive, and the centerpiece of the game's storyline. It is home to the Protagonist's family - his wife, Julie, and his daughter, Mary - and a number of other survivors that appear in the game.


Since the cataclysmic Event that destroyed the city and killed almost all of its inhabitants occurred, a fog of ash and dust moves in every time a dust storm hits, engulfing the streets with a toxic atmosphere. Remaining survivors escaped to the roofs of skyscrapers and homes, or retreated underground to escape the hazardous environment.

Upon the Protagonist's arrival, Haventon is seen in ruins and enshrouded by the ash cloud that hovers below until the storm arrives. The Haventon Bridge is a torn and twisted mess, traversal only by those talented in climbing.

After spending a short while within the city confines, a dust storm kicks up forcing the player off the streets and rendering them uninhabitable. Now, the only safe places are above or below the city streets, where canned food or other items can be located. Prolonged exposure in the streets will cause suffocation, stamina loss and death within minutes.