I Am Alive Location
Haventon Bridge visible in the background
Haventon Bridge
Name Haventon Bridge
Location Haventon
General Information
Status Abandoned, partially destroyed
No. Group(s) Encountered None
No. of Victims None
Item(s) Found N/A
No. Retrys N/A
Media I Am Alive

The Haventon Bridge is a location featured in I Am Alive. The Protagonist must cross it in order to enter Haventon. It appears in Chapter 1: Return.


A large suspension bridge spanning a fast-flowing river. Its roadway is clogged with wrecked and abandoned vehicles and its central portion had collapsed into the river sometime during or after The Event, likely from one of the many frequent earthquakes. Because of this, the protagonist must scale its cable supports to reach the other side and enter Haventon.

After crossing it, the bridge plays no further role in the game.