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I Am Alive Character
Name Henry
General Information
Timeline The Event
Group Survivor
Status Missing (assumed deceased)
Media I Am Alive
Actor Elias Toufexis[1]

Henry is a character in I Am Alive. A survivor of the Event, he is a friend of Linda and her daughter Mei.


Early LifeEdit

Before the Event, he was a firefighter who worked dispatch. During an unspecified event, Henry was injured and confined to a wheelchair.

The EventEdit

When Linda and her daughter, Mei, were searching for someplace safe to stay, Henry was able to aid Linda and Mei by offering them the shelter of his apartment. Henry's apartment is a stronghold, one of the few livable places with all the necessities and even some creature comforts, well protected against the quakes and the harmful environment outside.

Events of I Am AliveEdit

Henry was in contact with Mei and Linda when the two left his apartment. When Mei's mother is kidnapped, Henry attempts to contact them. When he is successful, Mei explains that her mother was "gone". Before he was able to get a clear answer, the walke-talkie Mei and Linda had used was appropriated by the Protagonist, who tried to explain their situation. Henry, believing the Protagonist was a thug, attempted to barter with him before the Protagonist clarified things. Henry advised the two head for Westgate Shopping Mall to wait out the dust storm approaching them.

When the Protagonist relayed that Mei was sick, Henry suggested that he start looking in areas above the ruined city of Haventon if he wanted to find supply drops that hadn't been raided or picked dry.

Though wary about the Protagonist in the beginning, he quickly awards him trust when Mei is returned safely to his apartment. He provides the Protagonist with several quests during the game, as well as the Bow. After returning Mei, he tasks you with locating a transmitter for communication from a "beached" ship on Main Street. Afterwards, he asks the player to go out and find Linda at Blue Hotel, and informs the Protagonist that she is in trouble.

Towards the ending of the game, Linda appears without Henry or Mei. While looking for Mei the Protagonist will find a man who apparently had his rib broken by Henry who will provide the Protagonist valuable information on Henry's whereabouts in return for a First Aid Kit. The Protagonist learns that a group of thugs kidnapped Henry. Traveling further into the amusement park, the Protagonist will come across Henry's wheelchair near a set of stairs that will lead him to Mei's finding place behind a locked gate.

Unfortunately, Henry is never found and whether or not he is still alive is up to debate. The Protagonist includes him as an important person to find alongside his wife and daughter, citing that he was "still out there" and may "need his help".