I Am Alive Location
Henrys apartment
interior of Henry's home
Henry's Apartment
Name Henry's Apartment
Location Haventon
General Information
Status Occupied
No. Group(s) Encountered Survivors (Henry, Mei, Linda)
No. of Victims None
Item(s) Found Hunter's Bow
No. Retrys N/A
Media I Am Alive

Henry's Apartment is a location featured in I Am Alive.


It serves as a safe haven for the likes of Henry, Linda and Mei in the aftermath of the Event. The apartment complex that Henry lives in is well protected against the ash and earthquakes that still plague the city.

Made up of three rooms, his apartment is one of the best shelter's seen in game. In the main room, there is a kitchen containing the hunter's bow, living area and various workbenches and storage shelves. In the west room is a home gym, card table and a 'archery range' along with bookcases and more shelves. In the east room is the bedroom with sparse amounts of furniture and many of boxes and newspaper stacks.


  • The radio transmitter in Henry's apartment (and on the ship) plays several different messages in varying languages including French, Spanish, Chinese and Polish.