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I Am Alive (Original Concept)
I Am Alive (Original Concept)





PlayStation 3,
Xbox 360,

Release date(s):

April 2009
March 2010
Spring 2011[1]


First Person Survival


PEGI: 16


Alive, later known as I Am Alive, was first person survival adventure game developed by Darkworks.[2][3] It was originally meant to be published by Ubisoft and released sometime during the spring of 2011. The game, originally followed the story of a man named Adam Collins searching for his girlfriend, as he tried to survive in the city of Chicago after it was destroyed by a 10.3 Earthquake.


The story of I Am Alive is set during the year 2009. The protagonist, Adam Collins, is a twenty seven year old office worker living in Chicago. June 29, an 10.3 earthquake hit the city and stranded Collins in a high rise building for three days. Collins fights his way out of the building and makes his way to the ground level.[2]

Following his escape, Adam learns that Chicago was split apart from the mainland and now a floating island in Lake Michigan. Desperate to get off the island, Adam searches for his ex-girlfriend, Alice, who may or may not be alive. The story of Alice and Adam would've been told in flashbacks.[2]



According to information compiled on the official Ubisoft forums, I Am Alive was originally conceived by Darkworks and had been in development since as early as 2005, under the name Alive.[2] Other sources, such as NeoGaf, state that the Darkworks's "prototypes" was almost five or four years earlier, in 2001.[3] In 2006, following the release of Cold Fear, Ubisoft had chosen to distribute Darkworks' version of I Am Alive as its publisher.[3]

Two years later, during the 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2008), Darkworks released a cinematic trailer focusing on their protagonist, Adam Collins. According to the Ubisoft forums, I Am Alive was meant to be release in either April of 2009 or March of 2010.[2]

However, come 2009, Darkworks' version of I Am Alive was scrapped. Ubisoft took control of the project from Darkworks and handed to sub-developer, Ubisoft Shanghai[4][2], who was intended to "fix the game" with multiplayer and "other features". During the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, another trailer for I Am Alive was released. However, it was a trailer produced by Darkworks before they were removed and replaced from the project.[3]


I Am Alive was originally conceived a game told from the first person perspective instead of the third person. Standard firearms, throwing weapons and every day items throughout the city could be used in combat against other survivors. Ammo and health items would have remained limited and guns would be an ever rarer item to find. Water would be able to restore health and be used as a distraction.[2]

Empty guns would be used to ward of threats from other survivors, who don't realize Adam's weapon contained no bullets. Aiming would be limited to one person at a time. The game would've taken place over a period of nine days. There was no free-roaming and the game would've opened and locked certain areas during your progress through the game. I Am Alive was designed with the intention of producing sequels.[2]


Throughout the game, Adam Collins would've encountered other survivors who may have been allies or his enemies. During some points of the game, Adam would've have had to gather together survivors in the hopes of attracting rescue from government rescue teams.[2]

As Adam, the player had the choice to rescue or protect survivors, steal and take things from them necessary for Adam's survival by force. Adam's actions presumably would've determined what happened to Alice and Adam's story in the end.[2]

Survivors encountered have created several factions and stragglers that Adam could align himself with. Additionally, Adam could travel to the Refugee Camp where survivors could gather, sleep and eat in safety. Mission based objectives revolving around the management of the camp and survivors would occur from time-to-time.[2]

At least three supporting characters from the camp would've been encountered. All three characters would've provided objective-based missions for Adam Collins.

  • Riley - a young female doctor, she will do her best to help you and other survivors at the camp.
  • Virgil - an African-American former solider, he will try to protect the survivors.
  • Peter - a disabled ex-firefighter. It was his idea to build a camp.




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