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I Am Alive Character
Name Julie
Family Mary (daughter), Protagonist (husband, deceased)
General Information
Timeline The Event
Group Survivor
Status Alive
Media I Am Alive
Actor Unknown

Julie is a minor character in I Am Alive. She is the Protagonist's wife and mother of their daughter, Mary. A survivor of The Event, Julie serves as the player's window into the events of the game before and during her husband's return to Haventon and his search to find them.


Early LifeEdit

It is implied throughout the Protagonist's video recordings and the letter Julie leaves in the apartment that the two had a falling out prior to his departure to the east coast. Julie confesses in a letter that if her husband ever made it back to Haventon, she would "forgive him for everything".[1]

The EventEdit

When the earthquakes hit the city and the ash clouds began to sweep through, Julie and Mary were forced to abandon their home and evacuate with the relief efforts six days after The Event. She left a letter for her husband to find, saying that they would remain in Haventon for as long as they could, but made no promise to remain as her daughter's safety was top priority.[1]

Events of I Am AliveEdit

When the Protagonist arrives in Haventon, Julie and Mary have been absent from their apartment since May 23, almost a year before his arrival, according to the Protagonist.[1] At the climax of the events that transpired throughout the Protagonist's journey, he promises to find her and make things right.[2] Julie and Mary's location is unknown and is never revealed in the game. The video ends and Julie is revealed sitting at a table and weeping.

The Protagonist appears to have found his family, but died in the process of reaching them. All around Julie are her husband's belongings: His video camera, his backpack, and the doll given to him by Mei.[2]