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IAA chapter 1

The Protagonist finds Julie's letter.

Julie's Letter is an item found by the Protagonist after he arrives in Haventon and enters Julie and Mary's apartment.[1] The letter is a short description of Mary's thoughts prior to her departure from the city.


"We have to go now because of the earthquakes. The evacuation team is waiting for us. We will be taken one of the emergency shelters. It's very hard to get precise information about the evacuation plan. I have no idea where we'll be in the next hour. If only you were here. I would tell you I forgive you for everything. For now, all we can do is pray that you're alive. And if you are, I know you'll come back here. We'll try to stay in Haventon, but we'll go wherever's safest. With Mary I can't take any risks. We love you, not a moment goes by that we're not thinking about you. Try to find us. We'll be waiting for you."
―Mary, May 23[1]