I Am Alive Location
Line 4
Name Line 4
Location Haventon
General Information
Status Occupied
No. Group(s) Encountered Gangs, Cannibals
No. of Victims 3
Item(s) Found Meat x1
No. Retrys N/A
Media I Am Alive

Line 4 is a location featured in I Am Alive. It appears in Chapter 8: Line 4.


The Protagonist travels through Line 4 with Mei to reach Henry's apartment. The two traveled through the dark ruins of a pre-Event subway station, climbing up and down holes.

The first layer, down an old escalator, turns to a toll station with a gang of four. After that, a little way forward will go into an are where three victims are arguing. Going to the left and under a grating will enter an area on a track with many non-hostile cannibals.

In one instance, they encounter cannibals, most of them non-violent. I climbing across the infamous Gap. Traveling past the cannibals, the Gap, a large "crack" in Haventon caused by the initial earthquake, awaits. Crossing the gap leads into Line 2.