I Am Alive Weapon
User Protagonist
Ammo Count None (melee weapon)
Weapon Info
Location Haventon alley
Weapon Type Melee
Media I Am Alive

The Machete is a basic and melee weapon among hostile survivors (such as gangs) in I Am Alive and the second weapon obtained in the game.[1]


The Machete's uses are numerous, but is primarily used to gain the upper hand in combat. Surprise, struggle, and finishing kills are among its chief uses when the Protagonist is locked in combat. All attacks are triggered via a single or rapid tapping the right trigger or R2 Button of the XBox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller.

However, if the Protagonist is faced with more than one enemy and locked in a struggle kill, the unoccupied enemy will take the player's distraction and use his own machete against them. This often results in the severe damage or death of the Protagonist and will interrupt the struggle kill, giving the machete almost no use against multiple enemies, except to perform a surprise kill.

It is never effective to trigger a struggle kill against an enemy with a firearm because they will take the opportunity to kill the protagonist with one shot to the head. However, using a surprise kill on such an enemy is very useful, as it conserves ammunition and while likely providing ammunition. The machete is also used to pry open locked or chained fences throughout the city of Haventon.