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  • V0DeusEstDominiMei

    Just Some Updates

    February 23, 2013 by V0DeusEstDominiMei

    Hey everyone. If you don't know me, I used to be AKtrollin. The wiki has been inactive, yes, but trust me, I'm always checking the wiki to make sure everything is okay. If you have any questions, be sure to just ask me. I'll respond, I just haven't been editing this wiki much.

    --The Lone Editor 20:…

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  • V0DeusEstDominiMei

    Since May, the has been working to change the name of I Am Alive to its proper title, I AM Alive. We have finally succeeded in giving the wiki its proper title. Thanks to Sarah Manley, a community manager at Wikia, has changed our official title to the I AM Alive wiki. Thanks for reading this quick u…

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