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I Am Alive Character
Name Mary
Family Julie (mother), Protagonist (father, deceased)
General Information
Timeline The Event
Group Survivor
Status Alive
Media I Am Alive
Actor Teale Bishopric[1]

Mary is a character mentioned in I Am Alive. She is the daughter of Julie and the Protagonist. According to her father, Mary is roughly the same age as Mei[2], a young girl he mistakes for his daughter.


The EventEdit

Mary was forced to flee from her home in Haventon with her mother, Julie, to an evacuation shelter somewhere within the town on May 23, a year before the Protagonist's return to Haventon.[3] In her letter to the Protagonist, Julie promised to remain in Haventon for as long as she could, but not at the risk of Mary's safety. It is assumed Julie and Mary relocated elsewhere from the shelter, but their location is never disclosed.

Events of I Am AliveEdit

Unlike her mother, Mary is never seen on-screen, only mentioned by her father who recorded his efforts to return to Haventon on video. Mary and Julie are the protagonist's primary concern throughout the course of the game. It assumed that she survived with her mother and was reunited with her father before his death.[4]