I Am Alive Weapon
Iaa screen 1
User Protagonist, Survivors
Ammo Count Unknown
Weapon Info
Location Default weapon
Weapon Type Firearm
Media I Am Alive

The Pistol is one of the two firearms (the other being a shotgun) in I Am Alive.



The player starts out with a pistol from the very beginning, and picks up 1-5 rounds when battling with hostile survivors. In the final chapter when the protagonist gives the pistol to Linda for protection, but quickly acquires another one after battling an over-sized gang.


An unloaded pistol is an effective means by which players can frighten opponents into submission and halt enemies in their tracks once it's been trained on them. When one or more members in a group is brandishing a firearm, they must be neutralized before you can force their machete-wielding companions into a stand still. Unfortunately, they will eventually call your bluff, citing that either it's not loaded or that you "don't have the balls", at which point they will press the attack until you fire on one of them.

Until their breaking point, you can back them up, and kick them off a ledge or into a fire if they have their back to one (killing one member this way doesn't end the stalemate with the rest, and you can kick 3 or more off a ledge this way with none of them fighting back if you time it right).

Bullets are a precious commodity as you will never have even a single full magazine. Combined with the fairly simple melee mechanics of gameplay, prioritizing targets and deciding whether firing on anyone or anything must always be considered as a last resort. The pistol can be toggled into manual aim for the purpose of taking out an armored foe.