I Am Alive Items
Item Piton
Availability Common
Weapon Info
Location N/A
Stamina Cap No
Health No
Quest No
Media I Am Alive

The Piton (pee-tahn) is an item featured in I Am Alive. It is used exclusively by the Protagonist. Pitons are fairly common items, scattered in various locations throughout the game.


The piton can be planted on any wall with a place the Protagonist can place his feet to provide a permanent rest point, but is not retrievable. When in place, the player can suspend himself from it until their stamina bar can recover.

Pitons are best used as a last resort, saved only when the player is crossing distances that push the player's stamina to it's limit. When placed strategically, pitons can be used to backtrack to and from precarious ledges and surfaces after the player has reached an item off the linear path.