The Score is a final tally of player's progression through I Am Alive. As you progress through the main quest, save victims, and complete other special objectives, this percentage will increase.

Completion and victims are tallied at the end of the game out of a score of 100%. Bonus score is also added upon completing the game under certain perquisites, leading to a maximum of 120%. Total score is ranked on the global leaderboard.



In order to gain the full percentage score for the Victims, the player must assist all twenty victims before beating the game. To achieve a "moral high ground", take only the two of the tomatoes offered during Chapter 19: Fireworks. At the end of the boat, during Chapter 11: Radio Haventon, Part 2, take only the items on the box that the old man offers, and not the ones on his bed. To achieve the full percentage of the humanity score, do no consume the meat offered by the cannibals and found throughout Haventon during gameplay.


Initially, Victims who wanted wine show up twice[how?], resulting in an extra 2% score. However, this glitch was patched in an update.[citation needed] There was a possible glitch where even taking just one Tomato will cause a loss of humanity.

Leaderboard ExampleEdit

COMPLETION Reach the end of the game +50%
VICTIMS Help victims and get clues about your own family (Each victim counts for 2%-6.5%) +50%
BRAVERY Play the whole game in Survivor mode +10%
MORAL HIGH GROUND You didn't steal resources from innocent people +5%
HUMANITY You didn't eat human flesh +5%