I Am Alive Weapon
User Protagonist
Ammo Count 5 (limited)
Weapon Info
Weapon Type Firearm
Media I Am Alive

The shotgun is a weapon featured in I Am Alive. It is one of only two firearms in the game (the other being the pistol).


The shotgun is an effective weapon at close range and can be used to pick off multiple enemies at once due to it's spread range. Like with the pistol, if the player wants to save ammo they can bluff with the shotgun, however some enemies may see through the bluff. Also, it is recommended that the player save shotgun shells for the final chapter, as the player will need much ammo to survive.

The shotgun is found by helping a strange deformed man who is situated in an open room at the bottom of a building amidst the dust by providing him with an inhaler, food cans, a soda can, and meat. Once finding all of this he will thank you and provide you with the shotgun, which is loaded with 5 shells. There are no other shells for the shotgun in the game so it would be wise to save the shells as a last resort.


  • The shotgun is the only weapon in the game that can penetrate body armor.
  • The shotgun is a Mossberg 500 Cruiser with a heatshield.[1]
  • The shotgun has an Picatinny rail for mounting optical sights that has no attachment on it but can function as makeshift iron sights.