The Stamina (left bar) dropping while climbing.

Stamina is a unique gameplay mechanic in I Am Alive. It allows the Protagonist to climb, run, walk and jog, functioning as a part of the overall challenge of the game.


Stamina is displayed by a white bar at the top center of the screen on the left. Whenever the player is engaged in a fight with hostile survivors, the bar will indicate the level of stamina used. If the player climbs great lengths without periods of rest and their stamina is completely depleted, their health will be affected.

Running and jogging will often trigger a reaction from the stamina bar, but will not effect it greatly unless it's been pushed to the limit. When traveling through dust, no matter the pace of the player, the stamina bar will start to deplete until the Protagonist can reach higher ground.

When stamina gets too low, the protagonist will exhibit signs of Extreme Effort (such as grunting and heavy breathing); jumps across long distances will also deplete stamina. The player will have to keep pressing the right trigger to keep going or use the piton to reserve health and stamina. Stamina can be replenished by drinking consumables such as water bottles or soda.


  • A jump-climb instantly diminishes 1/6 of a full stamina bar (equivalent to 1 soda's use).
  • A long jump-climb diminishes 2/6 of a full stamina bar (equivalent to 2 soda's use).