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This article contains outdated information about Darkworks's I Am Alive (Original Concept), and is intended to work as a history book on the game's development progress.

This article is about the original concept characters. You may be looking for the Protagonist or the Survivors.

"Chicago's Survivors" refers to a number of peoples living in Chicago that survived the Earthquake of 2009.


Several hundred survivors have survived the earthquake that destroyed Chicago. Many people were killed in the quake as debris hit them in the streets and as buildings collapsed with citizens inside. Many of those who survived are trapped in their buildings and stranded in other places.

Notable SurvivorsEdit

The following characters listed were meant to be the characters intended to appear in I Am Alive, however, a complete overhaul of the game's core design and concept by Darkworks (the game's original developer) led developers at Ubisoft Shanghai to discard them.

Image Name Description Residence
Adam Collins An office worker who found himself in the earthquake that crumbled Chicago. He needs to survive and find his missing girlfriend. Chicago
Alice Adam Collins' missing girlfriend. None
Riley A female doctor determined to save as many people as possible. Chicago
Peter A disabled ex-fire captain who was responsible for setting up the refugee camp. Refugee Camp
Virgil An African-American former soldier trying to protect the group of survivors. Chicago
"Man with Red Tie" One of Adam's co-workers who confronts him, demanding for something. He is killed after he falls through a glass floor. Chicago