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The Protagonist encounters Haventon Survivors

Survivors are a group of individuals that remain behind and continue on in the ruined city of Haventon after The Event in I Am Alive.



Survivors range from, but are not limited to, a series of victims that the Protagonist encounters and can optionally help, or a group of hostile gangs that seek to take whatever they can get their hands on and occupy a great majority of the fortified locations. There are also cannibals that live underneath the city in the subway that feed off their fellow man and the rodents that occupy the desolate environment, though for the most part they seem to be fairly docile as few will attack the Protagonist.

The EventEdit

During the height of the Event, the residents of Haventon scrambled to reach the boats and evacuation teams that would take them to safety.[1] As a result of the mass hysteria, many people were killed or were unable to escape. In the aftermath, survivors of the ruined Haventon fell prey to their fellow man or the deadly environment made more perilous by the toxic dust cloud.[1]

Notable SurvivorsEdit

Image Name Description Residence
Protagonist A nameless man, husband and father who returns to his hometown of Haventon to search for his wife and daughter, Julie and Mary. Haventon
Julie The mother of Mary and wife of the protagonist. Julie and Mary's apartment (formerly)
Mary The daughter of Julie and the protagonist. Julie and Mary's apartment (formerly)
Linda profile
Linda A nurse that took care of many people before and after The Event. The mother of Mei. Henry's apartment (formerly)
Mei Profile
Mei A resourceful young girl searching for her mother, Linda, when she meets the Protagonist. Henry's apartment (formerly)
Henry A disabled ex-firemen who provides shelter for Linda and Mei. Henry's apartment (formerly)


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