I Am Alive Location
The mall 01
Front of the Mall
Westgate Shopping Mall
Name Westgate Shopping Mall
Location Haventon
General Information
Status Destroyed, Occupied
No. Group(s) Encountered Victims
No. of Victims 1
Item(s) Found Inhaler x1
No. Retrys N/A
Media I Am Alive

The Westgate Shopping Mall (The Mall), is a location featured in the third chapter of I Am Alive. The mall serves a safe haven from the dust storms for nearby survivors. It is also the place where the Protagonist starts his long journey to the half-built skyscraper to get the medicine for Mei.


In the months after The Event, hundreds of survivors worked together to make the mall the safest place in Haventon, or at least possibly a safe haven. As supplies ran low, one by one they went out into the dust to find food and supplies. According to the victim in need of an Inhaler on the third floor, none of them came back.