Another bottle.

Wine is a consumable featured in I AM Alive. It heals the protagonist's health by 1/2, but slightly injures his Stamina by 1/6. It can be found where Mei is first found in a tent after the chapter Dust.

A second wine can be found during the episode "Radio Haventon Part 2". After getting back the radio, you will come against 2 machete guys, just in the front, where the wall is ship wall is broken you can see a thick chain, go bellow and you will meet an old man who will share the bottle of wine and a rat meat.

Another Bottle of Wine can be found right before the Building with the Medicine Crate. If you climb up the left side of the Building it will be on a Skeleton.

A victim on top of a building requests that the protagonist bring her a bottle of wine. It is unknown if any other survivors will request one.


  • Formerly, the victim on top of the building would have appeared twice, allowing the player to get another retry and another 2% completion. This was fixed in the most recent update, though.